martes, 29 de marzo de 2011

Only Paramore Fans

Let’s start the Riot..!

I want to try to Decode this out. You know and I know that our little Crush didn’t last more than two minutes.

You always told me would change my thinking to a more positive. Well For a pessimist I’m pretty optimistic and you have to be much more Careful what you wish.

Someday we will be there, Where the lines overlap cause in this moment I have no time for Feeling sorry and much less for your attitude of Playing God.

The day you stop living in the Ignorance and accept We are broken, will be the happiest of my life. Scream with all my strength Hallelujah, cause will occur a Miracle.

We’re only Misguided ghost, with no direction and that however much you want to be by my side is impossible.

As much as you told me were Born for this, to be together. And all those time you called me The only exception I’ll don’t believe you.

Continue to build your Fences always Brick by boring brick. Why you close to reality? You’re not for me and I’m not for you. Let it go, Turn it off, and please let it go!
Let the flames begin and ends with what we started.

Your days still seem gray, like When it rains. But That’s what you get for acting like a child all this time.

You’re still in your stupid Misery business. Well, now I have All I wanted.

I always think positively and don’t let me down. I still Looking up and nobody will change that.

From now on I will Brand new eyes.

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